Guest Blog – How you can overcome your limiting beliefs regarding money and investing – Dr Ian Kaminskyj

Dr Ian Kaminskyj is a practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which advocates the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours. It is the study of how to integrally & linguistically affect a person’s neurology in order to achieve a desired outcome. With a PhD in philosophy, Dr Kaminskyj also practices hypnosis and hypnotherapy to access the power of the unconscious mind. As director of AMFSC P/L and with 15 years of experience, Dr Kaminskyj has looked into the common limiting beliefs and internal drivers around money and investing.

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How you can overcome your limiting beliefs regarding money and investing – Dr Ian Kaminskyj

In our last post, we discussed many of the beliefs people have re money & investing, both positive & negative. We also discussed how these beliefs are formed and how often, they become outdated & no longer serve us.

In this post, we’ll describe one approach that you take to (a) become consciously more aware of the limiting beliefs you may have currently around money & investing, and (b) a simple approach that can help you start to change them into a version that will be more empowering and powerful moving forward.

So how do you determine your beliefs about money and investing? Quite simply, by answering some questions. Finish off the following statements, taking the very first thing that comes to mind.

People with money are ….

Money makes people ….

Investing is …..

My parents always thought that money would …..

I’m afraid that if had money, I would ….

If I were rich, I would …..

When I invest, I feel ……

I think money ……….

People who invest are ….

Some people’s responses to these questions might be:

Investing is RISKY!

Money makes people GREEDY!

The answers to these questions will start to alert you about your beliefs about money and investing, whether they be positive or negative.

Once you’ve started to get a better understanding of these, the big question is do these serve you moving forward?

Your current beliefs have got you to where you are today but will often NOT get you to where you may want to go financially moving forward. So if there are some limiting beliefs that you no longer want to maintain moving forward, how do you go about changing them?

There are a multitude of ways to do this using various different techniques, ranging from time line therapy, NLP, hypnosis, EFT to name just a few. As these beliefs are unconscious, the fastest way is to use tools that work directly with the unconscious mind, like NLP and Hypnosis.

In this Blog post, however, I’ll provide you with a simple strategy to become more consciously aware of your limiting beliefs around money & investing and then how to start to change these on a conscious level. With repetition, you can change your unconscious beliefs to ones that are more useful & empowering. This is generally slower than using NLP or Hypnosis, but still provides powerful results.

So here is the process that you can use. To illustrate how this work, I will use the limiting belief that Money causes grief & headaches

Step 1: Identify your limiting belief, which we have already done.

Step 2: What will be the consequences if you continue with this limiting belief for the next 5, 10, 15, 20+ years? How will they affect your family? Your retirement?  etc etc

For our example limiting belief, our response to these questions might be:

Given money gives me so much grief & headaches, I will naturally try and avoid it as much a possible. Consequently, I will generally never be wealthy & financially independent. I will thereby always be reliant on working and/or a pension in my retirement, assuming it still exists when I retire.

As a result, my family will just survive financially, never getting ahead, nor being able to enjoy the comforts that financial independence brings. My family will have limited choices as to which suburb we live it, which schools the kids can attend, what holidays we take as well as what house we live in.

Retirement will also be a challenge, as the pension will be low. Again choices will be severely limited when it comes to holidays, what retirement village we can stay in, etc.

To really drive home the consequences of this limiting belief, close your eyes and visualise and strongly feel how your future would be – feel all the pain & suffering it would provide, not only for yourself, but also your family!

Step 3: Ask – Is this something that you really want? For most people, the answer would surely be NO!

Step 4: What would be an empowering belief that you would be happy to take on to replace this outdated, limiting belief?

Money gives me the freedom & choices to live my life on my terms!

Step 5: By taking on this empowering belief, how will your life be different for the next 5, 10, 15, 20+ years? For our example limiting belief, our response to these questions might be:

By being able to live life on our terms, we will live the life of our dreams! We’ll be able to do what we want, when we want for how long we want!

We can live wherever we want in whatever size house we want. Our kids can go to the school of our choice and we can have as many holidays as we want.

Finally, we will have a comfortable retirement, enjoying ourselves with our friends and family. We will have choices available to us re where we stay, with whom we holiday and for how long.

I can’t wait to make this life a reality!

Step 6: Is this new future something that you want? If yes, what are you prepared to do about it?

For our example limiting belief, our answer would be YES and given the massive benefits, we’d be generally prepared to do whatever it took to achieve it!

Step 7: Make a commitment, right here & now, do to whatever it takes to achieve the future that you desire.

To reinforce this very strongly, do the following:

  1. Create a daily affirmation of your new empowering belief and repeat it daily 5 times in the morning & evening with passion, emotion & power! If you repeat this for 3-4 weeks, this is generally enough time to reprogram your unconscious mind with your new belief.
  2. Before going to bed, visualise your new future & again experience strongly all the wonderful emotions & feelings that will ensue, not only for you but your family.
  3. Create a plan of how you will start to make this new future a reality. Which experts will you engage?
  4. What new knowledge will you seek? What daily rituals will you create?
  5. Take massive action by taking the first step of your plan TODAY!!
  6. Celebrate, acknowledge and be grateful on a daily basis for whatever progress you make towards achieving your new future. Sure, there will be challenges and problems along the way – that’s guaranteed & part of the process. Learn from these, get the right support & advice and success will be yours!

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. I’d love to hear any questions you may have, any stories you’d like to share as well as your progress towards achieving your new future. Thanks again to Endorphin Wealth for this opportunity to share this information and these techniques to help their clients.

Till next time.

Dr Ian Kaminskyj

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