Established professionals.

Established professionals.

Michael & Karen

Michael and Karen have been happily married for 21 years and they have two teenage children attending high school. Michael works as a Physiotherapist in his own clinic while Karen is the Principal at the local high school. They have been very career focused to this point and have accumulated a considerable amount of equity in their home.

The couple identified a few areas of their finances that they had questions about:

  • They have some spare cash flow each month that they are currently paying into their mortgage to reduce the balance. Could this money be better utilised in another strategy?
  • Their neighbours are using a strategy called ‘debt recycling’ to assist them to pay down their mortgage and build an investment portfolio at the same time. Michael in particular is interested to hear how this strategy might be applied to their own scenario.
  • The couple are currently invested in retail Superannuation Funds (BT and MLC), however are considering a SMSF to take control over the way their money is invested. They were curious about how the transition would work and what types of investments might best suit their needs.

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Karen arranged an obligation free appointment with their Wealth Advisor to discuss these questions.

Their advisor spoke with the couple at length to get a firm understanding of their circumstances and their financial position. They completed a brief risk profile questionnaire to give an indication of their attitude towards risk and how this might affect any future investments.

The advisor was able to educate the couple about the ‘debt recycling’ strategy and the benefits that the strategy could provide to their family. It was particularly appealing as a tax effective method of investing to the couple due to the high tax rates the both were paying.

Michael and Karen were also informed about the benefits and risks involved in commencing a SMSF and agreed that it could provide them with some considerable advantages as they start to think about how their retirement might play out. The advisor was able to suggest a variety of investment platforms and holdings that would be suitable to their needs to achieve a more ‘hands on’ approach without the hassle of setting up a SMSF.

The couple were pleased that they took the time to assess their current situation and consider options for their finances moving through to the next phase of their lives.

By enlisting the services of a wealth advisor, they knew that they could continue to focus on what was important to them in the knowledge that an expert was overseeing their finances and they knew they were making the most of the solid base that they had worked so hard to build over the years.

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The couple were pleased that they took the time to assess their current situation and consider options for their finances moving through to the next phase of their lives.

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