Funding retirement.

Funding retirement.

Aged 45+

We believe your end goal should not focus on just building a big pile of money. You have responsibilities and a life to live now, and we want to help you progress through life for the better.

For those aged 45+ with an eye on retirement, we provide a structured approach to help you determine the life you want now and the life you want in retirement, and we then provide our specialised advice and strategies to help you achieve that desired lifestyle.

We have determined there are 60+ life transitions that may be relevant to your life now and into the future. Common transitions include reducing debt, purchasing an investment property, funding children’s education, caring for an elderly parent, downsizing a home, and planning for retirement. We incorporate these into your strategy that helps build wealth and protects it against future dangers.

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We're committed to providing customised service and advice to our clients. Prior to scheduling a consultation, we kindly request that you take into account our expertise in catering to high-income individuals, pre-retirees, established business owners, and individuals with investable assets over $500k.

Retire right with

Nearing retirement.

Aged 55+

  • You may be nearing retirement and wanting to know:
  • When can you retire? 
  • How much money can you spend each year in retirement?
  • How long is your money is going to last?

To determine the above depends on the life you want in retirement. We are big believers in having a vision going forward for your retirement. One of the key factors with retirements either flourishing or floundering is; are you retiring TO something or FROM something.

People who are retiring FROM something don’t deal well in retirement.

We look at 16 aspects of life in retirement that you can consider and look forward too. Once you decide what you want in retirement, we get the story behind that and implement them into your financial plan.

This process provides a structure to help you decide what are those activities that will be engaging, energizing, and satisfying for you that will help you live a fulfilling retirement.

This holistic approach to retirement planning focuses on the financial & non-financial aspects of retirement that helps you live your retirement with confidence.

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Already retired.

Aged 60+

Our approach is based on the 4 cornerstones to a successful retirement, which includes the need too:

1. Retire to something, and not from something

2. Explore the meaning of work in retirement

3. Solve the couple’s conundrum

4. Getting a greater return on your life, and not just on your investments.

We work through these with you on an individual basis, and ensure your money is managed appropriately and aligned to your needs to ensure you are living your retirement with purpose.

Our aim to is help you achieve financial independence and a fulfilling, energising, and satisfying retirement.

Our approach focuses on how you’re going to get the best life possible with the assets you have accumulated. It brings the non-financial aspects of retirement to the forefront and allows us to have a conversation about you, and what you can do to live a fulfilling & successful retirement. True retirement planning.

We take the time to understand how you created the wealth you have today, and how to best manage this into the future to fulfill your retirement dreams.

We manage your money using an evidence-based approach aimed at delivering predictable outcomes.