Growing professionals.

Growing professionals.

Ben and Claire

Ben and Claire have recently married and just had their first child. Ben works as an IT software developer supporting the family while Jade is on maternity leave at home. They have commenced making mortgage repayments on their first home.

The couple identified a few areas of their finances that they had questions about:

  • They have some spare cash flow each month that they would like to start putting aside to save for their children’s education.

  • They are concerned about what might happen if Ben was injured or unable to work for an extended period of time.

  • They are still using the same industry Super Fund from when they first started working at a restaurant and wanted to know if there were better options available for their Super.

Arrange an
appointment with

They arranged an obligation free appointment with their Wealth Advisor to discuss their questions.

Their advisor was able to educate them into the benefits of investing their surplus money using a regular savings plan and was able to forecast several scenarios for them including different amounts and also using a tax effective gearing strategy.

The advisor was also able to calculate the appropriate level of personal insurance the couple should have to insure their family in the event that something going wrong. It turned out the default insurance cover they had as part of their industry Super Fund really wasn’t enough for their actual family circumstances.

Finally, the advisor was able to review their current Superannuation fund and investments held within the fund. It was apparent that the fund was underperforming over the last few years and Ben mentioned that he
wished he had greater control over the specific investments.

The advisor was able to run comparisons on the fees and previous returns of many funds that would enable the couple to gain more control over their Superannuation investments and align the investments to be more suited
to their needs.

Ben and Claire are now well on their way to their savings goals for their chil- dren’s education and much more relaxed knowing that their family’s finances are protected. Their Superannuation has been rolled over to a fund that gives them more control over their investments and their advisor pays close attention to the investments they are holding.

For more information on Tax Effective Investment strategies, click here.

Ben and Claire are now well on their way to achieving their savings goals…

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