Financial planning
for retirement.
Life first, money second.

Financial planning for retirement-Life first, money second.

When it comes to helping our clients with retirement planning, our retirement investment advisors place a premium on understanding the type of lives our clients want to lead as retirees.

We genuinely believe that your retirement is about maximising your ‘Return On Life’.

Retirement must give you the freedom to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labour in a way that will help bring you the most outstanding level of fulfilment from the rest of your life.

That’s why our financial advisors do retirement planning a bit differently.

We build and provide financial strategies that are entirely custom made to the specific needs, desires, and goals of our clients.

We match this passion for our clients with our exceptional calibre of financial advisors who specialise in assisting those approaching retirement. What our clients get is an extraordinary level of service that provides peace of mind and clarity for their financial future.

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How Can Financial Planning Help You Plan For Retirement?

For most people, the prospect of retirement is a source of excitement.

The chance to live free from work. The opportunity to do things that previously weren’t possible.

At the same time, you may be wondering how you will be able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, support your dependents, or even simply pay off your home.

Retirement planning can be an effective way to rid yourself of these anxieties.

Our financial planners assist retirement planning clients by managing their money, superannuation, and investments.

We build and put in place a personalised strategy to ensure our clients enjoy the best Return On Life possible.

By trusting a professional retirement investment advisor to listen and understand your current situation and the retirement goals you have, you can find the answers you seek and implement a plan that allows you to attain them.

Key Areas Of Financial Planning For Retirement

To help you financially plan for retirement, our expert retirement investment advisors will provide clarity and advice around these fundamental areas:

1. Your Goals

Understanding precisely how you wish to enjoy your retirement is the first and most important element to ascertain before any planning is done. We will comprehensively ask you all the questions needed to understand your envisaged future so that your retirement can be planned realistically and effectively.

2. Assets Structure

Finding a way to strategically structure one’s assets is essential to a successful retirement plan. Our experienced retirement investment experts will advise you on how to best structure your assets in a way that will optimise your returns, benefits, and tax savings in the long run.

3. Income and Tax

We’ll seek to thoroughly understand your financial situation and devise a personalised strategy that allocates and utilises your income to best meet your desired goals. We’ll also advise on the best tax strategies for your situation that will help you to minimise your tax and reach your retirement goals.

4. Superannuation

Generally, you are able to access your super when you reach your preservation age – which will be between 55 and 60, depending on when you were born. Our financial advisors will enable your retirement planning by fully understanding your superannuation situation and advising on an optimised superannuation solution that will serve to give you the most for your eventual retirement.

5. Investments

We believe that investing for the future is fundamental to reaching the goals you’re setting out to achieve. Our retirement investment advisors will devise an investment strategy where you can increase your net wealth and reach your ideal retirement state, while providing diversity and balanced risk levels to your overall investments.

Return on life – Retirement advice with a difference

We proudly use our online assessment tool, Return On Life, to assist our clients and financial advisors in painting a clear picture of the type of retirement they want.

The Return On Life tool assesses our clients on a range of factors, from the fulfilment they receive from their work to their ability to access and enjoy their hobbies and their overall autonomy in life.

This simple, free-to-use online process can be completed right here on this website!

Complete your assessment today and book a free consultation with a financial advisor to learn more about retirement planning.

Trusting your retirement planning

with us

Trusting anyone with the planning and fulfilment of your retirement dreams is a big deal, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Our suite of retirement planning and investment services is underpinned by our ability as a firm to search far and wide for the best solutions to produce a plan that is tailored to the client.

This life-centred approach puts you at the centre of the conversation, not your assets. We take the time to understand you, your situation, your story, and the possibilities and challenges ahead of you. We then help you identify and plan for the expected transitions in your life.

Since opening our doors, we have provided financial planning and retirement planning advice to hundreds of families across Australia.

With over 70 five-star reviews on Google, our trail of satisfied clients speaks for itself and you can feel safe in trusting your future with us.

With a proven track record of assisting hundreds of families across Australia who trust our team of expert financial advisers to help them plan for retirement, you can be confident in our ability to help you realise your dreams for retirement.

And all of that is before we mention the consistent industry recognition our retirement investment advisors have received.

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