Guest Blog – What are your limiting beliefs around money and investing? Dr Ian Kaminskyj

Dr Ian Kaminskyj is a practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which advocates the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours. It is the study of how to integrally & linguistically affect a person’s neurology in order to achieve a desired outcome. With a PhD in philosophy, Dr Kaminskyj also practices hypnosis and hypnotherapy to access the power of the unconscious mind. As director of AMFSC P/L and with 15 years of experience, Dr Kaminskyj has looked into the common limiting beliefs and internal drivers around money and investing.

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What are your limiting beliefs around money and investing? – Dr Ian Kaminskyj

So what are some of your beliefs about money & investing? Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees!
  • Money allows me to live life on my terms!
  • I attract money with ease!
  • Money causes grief & headaches!
  • People with money are successful!
  • Money is the root of all evil!
  • Money is simply energy!
  • The rich get richer & the poor get poorer!
  • You have to work hard for your money!
  • Abundance is all around me!
  • People who are rich must be dishonest/shifty/dodgy/untrustworthy!
  • Having lots of money gives me options & freedom!
  • Investing is inherently risky, where you can lose everything!

It’s amazing how the subject of money/investing & wealth can raise such different emotions & beliefs in people. Some are positive & empowering while others can be very negative & disempowering. These emotions and beliefs that we have will also then heavily influence how we invest and our success in doing so.

The personal development expert Tony Robbins says that our beliefs are a feeling of certainty about what something means. Beliefs thereby control our lives in many ways. Limiting beliefs are beliefs we have in any area of our live that limit us in some way and produce unwanted or negative consequences for us.

You may be thinking then, where do these limiting beliefs come from and why do we take them on with such certainty?

This is fascinating question with at least 2 answers:

  1. People we looked up to when we were growing up, especially between the ages 0 to 7 years, but also into our teenage years, and
  2. Our past experiences.

In this article, I’d like to focus on the former, as it is something that many people are totally unaware of and can thereby, produce massive results when changed.

Our parents as influencers on our beliefs

You see, when we are children, especially in the age range 0 to 7, we are like sponges, learning from everyone around us. If we are with someone that we look up to, respect and admire, then we take on whatever they say as being totally true & correct – without question.  So if our parents have very limiting beliefs about money & investing, then we automatically these on board ourselves. The opposite is also true!

With enough repetition, these form deeply held beliefs that we take on that can subsequently rule the rest of our lives, as we believe them with such certainty!

Have you ever witnessed adults talking about their views on money & investing, only to see their kids take on the same beliefs?

I was talking with a colleague of mine recently who was describing how his Dad had very negative beliefs about money. He was always broke and complaining how much everything cost. When his Dad subsequently remarried and had children with his new partner, the children took on the same beliefs as his Dad when they grew up – always short of money & complaining about their finances!

So when you consider your beliefs around money and investing, can you identify where they came from? Can you see any beliefs are aligned with those of your parents?

Can you now also start to understand how they may be influencing you positively or negatively regarding your finances and investing?

Is it time for a change? If we use the analogy of running a software program in your mind re finances and investing, is it time for a software upgrade from a version that you may have been running since you were a child?

Next post

In our next post, we’ll describe one approach that you take to (a) become consciously even more aware of these limiting beliefs you may have currently around money & investing, and (b) a simple approach that can help you start to change them into a version that will be more empowering and powerful moving forward.

Till next time.

Dr Ian Kaminskyj


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