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Today we bring you the second guest blog in our ‘Endorphin Lifestyle’ series – this time from the team at Di Mase Architects.

We have admired their work for a long time now and thought we would take the opportunity to highlight their designs and their unique take on architecture. We hope that you find some inspiration from their story below!

Modern Architecture: Where Natural Beauty Meets Design

With high-density living rapidly morphing into overcrowding in our CBD, there has been a noticeable shift towards rural and simpler living. The appeal of isolation and tranquility in the outer suburbs has never been greater, with clients seemingly drawn to the natural environment and wide open spaces in which they can escape the rat race and finally take a breath.

The “sea-change” (or “tree change”) is no longer a transition reserved for retirees either, with more and more young couples and families moving further out, seeking alternative education and ways of living.

At Di Mase, we welcome this shift as we too seek, through our designs, to reconnect people with the very earth that they are usually so determined to dig up. Clients coming to us with acreage and large plots intended for vegetable gardens and self-supporting homesteads have, in recent times, served to reignite our passion and desire to create beautiful sustainable architecture to a whole new level.

With the client having secured beautiful natural spaces, it then becomes our job as architects to respect the environment through a complementary architectural design. The recent trend towards natural timbers and recycled materials has been of great help to sustainably minded architects who have been able to create visually striking exteriors that so innately become a part of the surrounding landscape.

Our Shoreham House for example, became the vessel for us to experiment with daylight design through renovation of an existing beach shack, transforming the house into a home with the feel of a seaside retreat at minimal cost.

For some, seeing these beautifully crafted and elegant spaces in magazines and online, it can sometimes be hard to believe that people actually “live” there; many have been conditioned to believe these environments and spaces are not suited to modern day family living.

But with a new perspective – an appreciation for the great outdoors, the clean air of the Australian landscape and an eye for considered, sustainable architecture- life in a home that embraces the colours, textures and vistas of the natural environment could be more attainable, and affordable, than ever before.

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