Introducing – Smart Home Deposit

We’re very excited to announce another offering from the team at Endorphin Wealth Management – Smart Home Deposit. SHD is a low cost, fully diversified and online investment solution designed to help first home buyers save smarter and make the dream of owning their first home more achievable.

The SHD team are based here in the office with us and they held a launch party a few weeks ago to start spreading the word about their services.

From the SHD blog:

What makes us rocket past the competition? It all begins with our mission…

We’re here to help first home buyers save smarter and get into their home sooner

Saving smart doesn’t mean going on a ‘money diet’, leaving you with the burden to make sacrifices that come with living the life you want. It’s your life so enjoy it!

We relieve the burden of choice by setting up automated direct deposits that go straight from your bank in to your SHD account (like moving brussel sprouts from the plate straight in to your stomach – all the benefits with no sickly taste in your mouth).

We also aim to maximise the amount that you can save by keeping our costs low and easy to read. What you see is what you get. We also want our customers to know that they’re not alone on this journey, so we’ve created a financial coaching program that’s included for free (talk about bang for your buck!). But that’s not all. In 2019 we’re planning to shoot for the moon…

Our 2019 New Year’s Resolution

We want to bring people together on this exciting savings journey. They need to know they’re not alone. By the end of this year, ‘Smart Home Crusaders’ private online Facebook group will be an important medium for customers to stay engaged and motivated to save smarter for their home deposit goals. We are all on this adventure together!

But once you reach your deposit goal… what next? There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to buying your first home. Setting up your mortgage, dealing with settlement agents, finding the best-yet-affordable home insurance and even figuring out how to pay the bills if you can’t work anymore – too often young couples choose whatever is most convenient and often it breaks the bank in the long term.

But don’t stress, we at Smart Home Deposit are here to cater to the individual needs of each of our customers and can organise home loan, insurance, and agents for you.

We’ve shown you how we’re going to help you move in, now it’s time to show you the team that’s working hard to get you there.

Meet the team helping you reach settlement sooner

– Meet the team: (from left to right) Jack, Gianni, Phillip and Taylor

We’re a highly engaged and enthusiastic team which draws from a range of different backgrounds and professional experiences. We have a dreamy vision of helping every Australian get on the property ladder.


We want to reduce people’s financial anxiety and help them achieve success- whatever that means to them – by empowering them to optimise their finances.

We believe using data and technology, we can truly re-imagine how people save smarter for their home.

That means we give them the tools to not only understand what’s happening with their money, but how that affects what’s going on around them and their life decisions.

Sound good? We think so!

Hop aboard. Together, we can make home ownership a reality for all Australians.