The Importance of Retiring to Something

Sometimes you are so focused on work and the idea of retiring, that you do not stop to consider what will actually take up your time during your retirement. You will be financially secure, hopefully healthy, and have an abundance of time on your hands – but how to spend it? We’ve collated some ideas for you to consider as you look towards retirement!


Keep Learning
It is crucial to keep learning new skills to keep your brain healthy as you age. This doesn’t require you to go back to full-time study, however – you can keep your brain active through reading, using apps to learn a new language, or listening to podcasts.

Part-Time Employment
Retirement is an opportunity to pursue a part-time role in an industry or organization that you enjoy. A great example is joining a non-profit; as you have financial freedom in retirement, your focus will be less on the wage you earn and more on the opportunity to work for a cause you believe in.

Start a Creative Business
If you have always been crafty but with minimal time to pursue your hobby, retirement is a great opportunity to do so! An Etsy or online store can provide you with a creative outlet and some extra dollars. Other business ventures could be blogging or pet sitting, depending on your interests.

Physical Activity
Physical activity is important for your health and can help you stay connected with your community. Join a gym, social sport, or simply take the dog for a walk with a friend!

There are probably plenty of activities that you have been interested in over the years but were unable to pursue due to lack of time or work commitments. A hobby could even involve physical activity – for example, you could join a local bushwalking group. Otherwise, learning an instrument or any other activity is fantastic for brain health.

Without work commitments, you have more time to give back to the community. Local charities will appreciate qualified volunteers and it allows you to remain mentally sharp and engaged with the community.

This is probably what most people look forward to in retirement! It may be your first opportunity since before you had children to take a long holiday together as a couple or alone. Whether you are jetting around Europe or road tripping in Australia, now is the time to travel with family and friends.

Throughout your career, you have probably picked up many applicable skills that students and young professionals would benefit from. Tutoring and guest speaking is a perfect way to share the knowledge you have acquired over your life.

Home Projects
It’s time to get out the toolbox which has been collecting dust over the years! As you may be spending more time at home, it’s a good idea to get around to the regular maintenance and repairs which may have been falling by the wayside.

Take the time to truly relax and let the stress of the workplace melt away before diving into retirement hobbies and activities. Enjoy the books you have not had time to read or catch up on the latest movies while you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Time to start thinking about the next part of your life?

Planning is an important part of retiring right – we encourage you to plan effectively for all portions of your life as you move towards retirement. The team at Endorphin Wealth Management is happy to assist with your retirement planning from a financial planning perspective. Most importantly – enjoy your new freedom!

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