Benefits of a studying an MBA

You’ve got to learn more to earn more!

We’re noticing a lot of our clients are studying in their spare time to continue their education – either at a higher level in their chosen profession or to perhaps venture down a new path.

For our business professional clients, an MBA – Master of Business Administration – is a post-graduate degree that can be very useful to seek further knowledge of their field or pursue management and leadership roles. There are a wide variety of reasons to undertake this internationally recognised degree, however, and we have collated some of the most persuasive here for you:

1. Distinguish Yourself as a Job Candidate

While an MBA may not be a requirement for a role, it is certainly going to help you differentiate yourself from other job applicants. It demonstrates you have a broad knowledge that can be holistically applied to a business, and that you have addressed real-world business challenges throughout your studies.

2. Better Time Management

By the time you are ready to study an MBA, you have likely established yourself in your career. Balancing your work and study commitments will require self-discipline and time management for the duration of your degree. After graduation, you will have a better awareness of your capability to produce work in an allotted time and will be able to avoid overextending yourself to the point of burnout.

3. Strategic Thinking

Your MBA will enhance your strategic and critical thinking skills and improve your ability to apply them in a business setting. However, they can also be applied across various areas of your life to help you achieve your career, personal, and financial goals.

4. Credibility

Further education can be a way to establish credibility and a reputation at your place of employment or across the industry as a whole. This credibility will allow you to expand your network, particularly amongst colleagues and alumni of your program. As your credibility and sphere of influence increases, so too do your job opportunities.

5. Transferable Skills

The MBA is unusual amongst high-level degrees in that the skills that you learn can be easily applied to many industries. This is as a result of gaining widely applicable qualities like improved communication, leadership skills, and analytical thinking. A transferable skill you may not have considered is the increased self-confidence you will feel after completing your MBA and putting your new skills into practice!

An additional example of the benefits of further study is that employers are increasingly seeking candidates with well-rounded skills, which an MBA can provide. Studies have demonstrated that start-ups through to larger global companies have increased the number of MBA graduates they intend to hire year-on-year since 2016.

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