The Benefits of Work in Retirement

I know it sounds a little ironic that we are here talking about the importance of work in retirement, but I can assure you there is some method to our madness.

Then and Now

Historically, a typical life would consist of 30 to 40 years in the workforce, then completely stop and jump off a cliff. Hopefully you have a parachute for a safe landing, and then enter a life of total ease.

Whilst this may have worked in the past, based on our client observations, we see the need for a new approach to retirement.

We have a saying that ‘a life of total ease is 2 steps away from a life of total disease’.

At Endorphin Wealth we are all about helping people feel good about their future. When dealing with those clients nearing retirement (or those who have already retired) we see the need to explore the benefits of ‘working’ in retirement.

Big Benefits from a Little Extra Work

    Our definition of work is an engagement that brings value to others, and meaning to you. While people often focus on the negatives of the workplace (un-supportive managers, a gruelling commute, or lack of leisure time) we believe it is important to consider the Lifestyle Motivators that a working engagement provides, including:

  • –   Satisfaction from helping others,
    –   Intellectual stimulation,
    –   Social engagement,
    –   Sense of relevance,
    –   Improvements to your physical and mental health,

Many of our retired clients are involved in some form of consulting, volunteering, or part time work, or volunteering in an area that is important to them. It engages their brain from a lifetime of accumulated knowledge. They are staying healthy, staying engaged.

Our Endorphin Offering

Our retirement coaching programs help our clients find the right balance between work and leisure. The results from these discussions often leads to some form of paid / unpaid engagement during retirement that provides massive lifestyle benefits. Scientific studies have also shown that:

  • – Working for one extra year at work can increase your longevity by 11%.
    – While each additional year you work your chances of dementia are reduced by 3%.

The key factor is maintaining intellectual challenge and engagement that adds to your longevity. We believe in Use it or Lose it, and our approach to retirement planning helps our clients understand the Lifestyle & Health benefits of working in some capacity during retirement. It’s all about living a retirement on purpose and feeling good about your future.

One website that has information on volunteering opportunities is

Ongoing Service

Ongoing advice is critical to the process as an individual’s wealth grows. This is even more important if you decide to work in to your senior years, as balancing your reduced income, along with changes in superannuation and expenses can be a difficult task which can leave you out of pocket.

Endorphin Wealth recommends that you regularly review your strategy to ensure it remains in line with your desired lifestyle needs.

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