We’re delighted to announce that the team at Endorphin have been named as a finalist for the third consecutive year in a number of categories for the upcoming 2019 IFA Excellence Awards.

Endorphin Wealth Management

Client Servicing Company of the Year (2018 & 2019)

Holistic Advice Firm of the Year (2017, 2018 & 2019)

Boutique Advice Firm of the Year

Phillip Richards

Investment Adviser of the Year (2018 & 2019)

Practice Principal of the Year (2018 & 2019)

Robert Rich

Client Servicing Individual of the Year

Glenn Malkiewicz

Goals Based Advisor of the Year

Smart Home Deposit

Innovator of the Year

Celebrating its sixth year, the IFA Excellence Awards is the pinnacle event for the nation’s independent financial advice sector, recognising the outstanding success of Australia’s independent and non-aligned advice community, including advisors, licensees, support staff and practices.

“These finalists have not only survived one of the toughest years for the industry but they have thrived. They have created their own opportunities and will be the leaders of the industry moving forward.” said IFA editor James Mitchell.

The winners will be announced at a five-star gala dinner on Friday, 6 September at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

Jennifer, Robert & Phillip at the 2018 IFA Excellence Awards

How Endorphin Wealth Management can help

We’re focused on advice, rather than product sales.

Here at Endorphin, we are not licensed by the big banks and financial institutions, so the advice we provide is always in our client’s best interests. We have the advantage of being able to access a range of products from different providers that can be tailored to our client’s needs. We also utilise subscriptions to four of the top research providers in Australia to cross reference our research and recommendations.

Comprehensive analytics and research

We invest a great deal of time and effort researching the best wealth management strategies for our clients and have developed a number of systems to manage and track the marketplace.

The investment landscape always evolves and it is more important than ever to consider your investments and superannuation funds carefully. We pride ourselves on being experts in researching opportunities, investments and strategies that fit in with your retirement goals and to create a happy and carefree retirement. We want all of our clients to get on with enjoying their life rather than worrying about money.

For an obligation free conversation about your financial future, please contact us on 03 9190 8964 or at advice@endorphinwealth.com.au

The Team at Endorphin Wealth Management

Benefits of a studying an MBA

You’ve got to learn more to earn more!

We’re noticing a lot of our clients are studying in their spare time to continue their education – either at a higher level in their chosen profession or to perhaps venture down a new path.

For our business professional clients, an MBA – Master of Business Administration – is a post-graduate degree that can be very useful to seek further knowledge of their field or pursue management and leadership roles. There are a wide variety of reasons to undertake this internationally recognised degree, however, and we have collated some of the most persuasive here for you:

Study MBA 1

1. Distinguish Yourself as a Job Candidate

While an MBA may not be a requirement for a role, it is certainly going to help you differentiate yourself from other job applicants. It demonstrates you have a broad knowledge that can be holistically applied to a business, and that you have addressed real-world business challenges throughout your studies.

2. Better Time Management

By the time you are ready to study an MBA, you have likely established yourself in your career. Balancing your work and study commitments will require self-discipline and time management for the duration of your degree. After graduation, you will have a better awareness of your capability to produce work in an allotted time and will be able to avoid overextending yourself to the point of burnout.

3. Strategic Thinking

Your MBA will enhance your strategic and critical thinking skills and improve your ability to apply them in a business setting. However, they can also be applied across various areas of your life to help you achieve your career, personal, and financial goals.

4. Credibility

Further education can be a way to establish credibility and a reputation at your place of employment or across the industry as a whole. This credibility will allow you to expand your network, particularly amongst colleagues and alumni of your program. As your credibility and sphere of influence increases, so too do your job opportunities.

5. Transferable Skills

The MBA is unusual amongst high-level degrees in that the skills that you learn can be easily applied to many industries. This is as a result of gaining widely applicable qualities like improved communication, leadership skills, and analytical thinking. A transferable skill you may not have considered is the increased self-confidence you will feel after completing your MBA and putting your new skills into practice!

An additional example of the benefits of further study is that employers are increasingly seeking candidates with well-rounded skills, which an MBA can provide. Studies have demonstrated that start-ups through to larger global companies have increased the number of MBA graduates they intend to hire year-on-year since 2016.

Get in contact with the team at Endorphin Wealth how an MBA could help you achieve your career and financial goals!

Debt Recycling 101

  • What is Debt Recycling?

Debt recycling is a method of turning your current non tax-deductible debt, such as your mortgage, into a more beneficial tax-deductible debt. Any debt that is used for personal reasons, like buying a home or car, is not tax deductible – however, the equity in home loans can be recycled and invested to become tax-deductible. At its core, debt recycling involves paying off the minimum on your home loan and investing as much as possible.

  • How does Debt Recycling Work?

Once you have equity in your home loan, you can take money back out of the loan to utilise for investing. You can access equity in the property to take out an investment loan which can be utilised in assets which produce income, such as shares and bonds.

It works like this; each pay cycle you continue to put money towards your regular home loan. As you pay off more money, the line of credit available in your investment loan will grow larger. You can then withdraw these funds to invest in income-producing assets. Your overall debt remains the same, but you can utilise portions of it to generate wealth.

It is crucial that you can cover the monthly expense of this new loan out of your current cashflow. However, once you have your loan and investments set up, the earnings can be diverted into paying off your home loan and the interest on the investment loan is tax-deductible.

  • Are there any risks involved?

While debt recycling is a great option to simultaneously pay off your home loan more quickly and generate more wealth, it is important to consider your own personal financial situation. Debt recycling may work in your favour now, but it is crucial to consider the impact that a rise in interest rates or a fall in investment values would have on your financial position.

Debt recycling is complex and if you are averse to a high-risk strategy, you may wish to steer clear. In that case, as long as you maintain a high savings rate and make strong investments, you are likely to be financial independent regardless of whether you choose to recycle your debt.

When all is said and done, long-term returns from shares may be higher than mortgage rates and debt recycling is a viable strategy to consider if you have equity in your home loan and wish to generate wealth through other investments.

  • How We Can Help

Debt Recycling can be a useful strategy to reduce your mortgage while simultaneously generating more wealth. It is important that you speak with one of our financial advisors at Endorphin Wealth Management in regards to these strategies to make the most out of your personal circumstances. For an obligation free discussion, call us on 03 9190 8964, or email us at advice@endorphinwealth.com.au.


Endorphin Wealth Management – Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that Robert Rich has joined Phillip Richards as a partner at Endorphin Wealth Management.

Robert has been an outstanding contributor to the growth of the practice, highlighted by winning the ‘Newcomer of the Year Award’ at the 2018 IFA Excellence Awards.

He has worked diligently to build his own client base whilst also collaborating with Phillip on more strategic elements of the business including Marketing, HR and Endorphin’s future direction.

We have had a great start to 2019 and there are a series of exciting projects in the pipeline to assist us to provide even better outcomes for our clients in the years to come.

For an obligation free discussion, call us on 03 9190 8964, or email us at advice@endorphinwealth.com.au