Robert Rich CFP®

Director and Financial Advisor

Winner – Newcomer of the Year – 2018 IFA Excellence Awards

I’m not your typical Financial Advisor. I am a bit of a nerd. I love a good spreadsheet!

I started my career by doing a Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Marketing) and working in various accounting and payroll positions. I knew I was born to work with numbers, but my early roles weren’t as fulfilling as I had hoped.

Then I went to see a financial advisor. An absolute crook who tried to push an off the plan apartment on us and sneak a $35,000 kick-back under the table!

After a very heated exchange, it made me reflect on my own skill set and how I could actually use my financial knowledge to help people instead of being a cog within a large machine. The financial literacy in Australia is overall quite low as we’re not taught about superannuation or compound interest in school.

Imagine if I could build a new career helping people to understand this complex financial system that we’re living in, but without the dodgy kick-backs from property developers?!

And so, my journey brought me to Endorphin Wealth where now I have the great privilege of mentoring my clients and managing their wealth so they can be in a better position from having met me. As a director, I’m also loving the challenge of growing the business and bringing new initiatives to our clients to assist them in moving forward.

My clients are mums and dads, they’re grandparents and they’re entrepreneurial young couples too! They’re doctors, they’re IT professionals and they’ve wrapped up their working careers and are now focused on enjoying their ‘happy ever after’. They live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth.

Behind the scenes I live with my wife and two boys in Melbourne’s outer east. We invest in property and equities ourselves and I love to share my own personal wins and losses with my clients so they can learn from my own experiences.


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We are delighted to congratulate our director, Robert Rich for completing his Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® studies over the last 2.5 years.

Authorised Representative of Lifespan Financial Planning AFSL 229892.

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