Elesha Williams

Advice Delivery Coordinator

I began my career in the financial services industry back in 2018 where I worked as a superannuation consultant for a fund administrator and then moved to an all-rounder client services role for a boutique financial planning firm. At Endorphin Wealth, I currently work as an Associate Advisor & Advice Delivery Co-Ordinator.

My primary responsibilities include continuously reviewing and improving the way we do things at Endorphin Wealth to maintain a top-notch client experience and make the team more efficient so that we can take care of our existing clients & welcome new clients to partner with us on their journey to financial success. I also manage our support team and assist our advisers with the management and administration of client advice files.

I am a big foodie so in my spare time I can usually be found trying out a new restaurant or attending a food festival. I also enjoy travelling and I love having a big holiday to look forward to every year. The counties I’ve travelled to so far are Fiji, UK, US, Gambia, Ghana & Sierra Leone. I’m hoping to add Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Hawaii, Tanzania & New Zealand to my list!

Award-wining advice.