Investing in Managed Funds vs Direct Property

With a lot of talk about the property market at the moment, and volatility in the share market, Michael Sauer discusses the pros and cons of investing in these options. Listen to Michael as he talks about which option could be the best strategy for you and your circumstances by clicking the video below – […]

The Rise of School Fees

Looking into where you want to send your kids to school in the coming years? Got a shock at the costs of private school fees? Sending your child to private school in Melbourne or Sydney is more expensive than Perth or Adelaide. In Sydney, school fees can get over $450,000 for 13 years of education. […]

Market Downturns – Staying the Course

Nearly everywhere you turn, you can find someone with a strong opinion about the financial markets. On so many fronts, the news is bad with skyrocketing energy costs and both equity and bond markets down significantly. Tuning down the noise and focusing on what you can control is key to weathering the current financial storm. […]

Winter Warmer Referral Competition

Just in time for the arrival of Winter, we are excited to announce the launch of our Winter Warmer Competition. We understand the busy and stressful lives our clients can have. We also know winter can be tough. So we want to ensure our winning participant can relax and recharge their batteries – to ensure […]

Federal Budget 2016

There’s always an added sense of excitement for Federal Budgets handed down in an election year as the government attempts to balance the books whilst balancing the expectations of a nation. We’ve taken a close look at the budget itself and the expert commentary on the proposed changes to our financial system and compiled a […]

SMSF vs Wraps

There is a growing trend towards investors managing their own superannuation ($68.7bn in 2000 compared to $594.8bn in 2015[1]). With so many funds being managed outside of the large retail and industry superannuation funds, careful consideration should be given to the products and structures that hold these savings. This swift rise in the popularity of […]