Phasing into Retirement?

Not ready for a move into full retirement? You’re not alone.


Many people look forward to retirement however for one reason or another aren’t ready to jump in with both feet.  Maybe they aren’t ready for the sudden lifestyle changes. Maybe it’s lack of savings that’s holding them back. Or it could be that their work provides them with fulfilment and a sense of relevance that they are not willing to let that go just yet.

No matter what the reason, many people are choosing to phase into retirement instead of entering a complete, traditional one.

Using this option provides a number of benefits:

  1. You can keep working and continue to contribute to your savings.
  2. At the same time you can also begin enjoying some of the benefits.
  3. Cutting back hours and decreasing your work responsibilities at a slow pace can open time for personal activities, travelling, and family.

However, phasing is not something you should do on the spur of the moment or with little forethought. Planning is of the utmost importance as you negotiate this transition. You will need to determine your ultimate retirement date, optimize your savings and create a phasing-out schedule with your employer.

You should answer these questions before making the leap into semi-retirement:

  1. List the reasons you have chosen to phase into retirement.
  2. As you phase into retirement, how long do you expect to keep working?
  3. How will your job description change?
  4. What affects on your income do you anticipate as a result of this transition?
  5. Does your employer provide an official phased retirement program?
  6. How will you invest the time made available via a reduced work schedule and responsibilities?

Make this life transition the beginning of a new and rewarding stage of your life.

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