Moving through a separation with confidence

There is a pervasive myth that financial advisors only become involved in a separation after settlement. At Endorphin Wealth, our financial advisors become involved in the divorce process very early on. We’re on our client’s team, working collaboratively with their lawyer, accountant, and any other professionals.   An advisor can help balance the scales Family […]

Making the most of your business sale proceeds

Most business owners will come to a time where they want or need to sell their business and move on to their next venture. Before committing to selling a business, it is important to talk to your accountant to have a full understanding of the tax implications of the sale.   Recruiting a business planner […]

You have received an inheritance, now what?

As a recipient of an inheritance, you are most likely experiencing a loss and some emotional turmoil. It is crucial then, that your first step after receiving an inheritance is… to do nothing.   Rather than rushing out and buying a house or a new car – or indeed, any financial decisions – it is […]

Financial Freedom by 50? Why Not!

Financial freedom and early retirement might seem inconceivable, but it is an achievable goal for many Australians. The key to financial freedom is investing and sticking to a budget. You will consult with a financial planner who will determine the best investment strategies and an achievable savings goal, but reaching that goal depends on your […]

The Importance of Financial Wellness

Robert Rich was recently featured by Suzanne Diprose at Performance Advantage to discuss the importance of financial wellness and to share how financial literacy can help you to gain control of your financial future. Watch his interview by clicking on the link below: The team at Endorphin Wealth Management is happy to assist with helping […]

Turbo-Charging Your Super – How To Grow Your Superannuation Fund

Starting from the 2019-20 financial year you can direct more into your super and tap into a concessional tax rate Your superannuation is your main means of funding a comfortable retirement. So, growing your super should be an important focus in investing for your retirement. The tax benefits you receive when saving via your super […]