Making the most of your business sale proceeds

Most business owners will come to a time where they want or need to sell their business and move on to their next venture. Before committing to selling a business, it is important to talk to your accountant to have a full understanding of the tax implications of the sale.


Recruiting a business planner can help you structure your business to maximise profits in the lead up to the sale. If you are aware a few years in advance that you need or has plans in selling a business, it provides an opportunity for you to reshuffle your business to maximise profits by adding an additional income stream or removing unprofitable arms of the business.


As soon as the sale of your business is locked in and you are aware of how much money you will receive, it is important to see a financial planner. Endorphin Wealth will help you take a holistic approach to your money, and work with you to determine your long-term plans and financial goals. This means that, when you actually receive the funds, you will have considered what you really want to do with the money rather than making a rash decision.


Some of the opportunities that will be available to you, should you sell your business at a profit, is reinvesting in another business or even achieving financial freedom. Restructuring your business correctly and having an investment plan for the profits can allow you to set up a passive income stream for you to retire early or start a new lifestyle business.


It is important to be aware of the tax implications of selling a business. Make sure you, or your accountant, is familiar with the small business capital gains tax provisions. This is because there are vastly different tax levels depending on the value of your business, and it may actually be more beneficial to sell your business earlier without restructuring or adding further value.


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You have received an inheritance, now what?

As a recipient of an inheritance, you are most likely experiencing a loss and some emotional turmoil. It is crucial then, that your first step after receiving an inheritance is… to do nothing.


Rather than rushing out and buying a house or a new car – or indeed, any financial decisions – it is important to think about what you want your life to look like long-term. Depending on the value of your inheritance, you should consider engaging a professional financial planner along with an accountant to discuss the implications of your inheritance.


How – and even if – you invest your inheritance will depend on your long-term goals. It is important to define what you want your life to look like – would you like to take an international holiday every year, buy a house, start a family, or have a passive income from your investments?


The higher the amount of inheritance and the earlier you are in your career, the greater the opportunity to make higher returns and achieve your financial goals in your life. Your choice of investment will depend on your risk appetite and when you need the money. For example, if you don’t want to touch the money until you reach retirement and are currently in your thirties, you will have a very different investment plan than somebody who wants to buy a house in three years.


The benefit of receiving an inheritance is that it provides you with a “step-up” to achieve your financial goals earlier than you might have thought possible. If you are still unsure how you want to use your inheritance, consider how the person who bequeathed the money might want you to spend it. They may have mentioned a goal that they had in mind for the funds or perhaps you shared a passion for a travel destination or hobby – this can inform your financial choices.


A financial planner can assist you in establishing a passive income stream which can provide you with financial freedom at an earlier age. Invested correctly, your inheritance could open avenues to work part-time or change careers to something you are truly passionate about. It could even be divided up with different portions of the fund invested for different goals.


The most important takeaway regarding receiving an inheritance is to never make any rash decisions – think about your long-term plan and goals before deciding how to invest your inheritance.


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Financial Freedom by 50? Why Not!

Financial freedom and early retirement might seem inconceivable, but it is an achievable goal for many Australians. The key to financial freedom is investing and sticking to a budget. You will consult with a financial planner who will determine the best investment strategies and an achievable savings goal, but reaching that goal depends on your discipline around savings and a commitment to your budget. If you need motivation for this goal, imagine the opportunities you will have if you are able to retire early.


It is not possible to simply save up enough money to be financially free – you need to be investing. Albert Einstein is attributed as saying: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world”. Through compound interest and steady investment returns, a couple of thousand dollars every month can turn into a million dollars over the course of a decade. The exact investment amount will depend on the individual’s discretionary spending, their hobbies, and level of commitment to a budget so a discussion with your financial planner at Endorphin Wealth is a must.


The benefits of financial freedom are hard to overstate. Business owners and high-income earners have generally worked exceptionally hard across their careers – financial freedom would give them the opportunity to retire early or drop down to part-time work in something they are truly passionate about. Phillip Richards, managing director of Endorphin Wealth, recommends tax beneficial investments to enhance your overall return and build wealth over time.


The status quo has ensured most of us think that we must work consistently up until retirement age. The idea of financial freedom and aiming for an early retirement gives you something to strive for. As you are working long hours at your job or in growing your business, you can keep the idea of early retirement in mind and work more effectively towards a goal. Financial freedom is a lifestyle choice and with Endorphin Wealth’s financial modelling and budgets, you can begin to look forward to an early retirement!


Our goal for clients is that they live the best life possible with the money they have at every stage of their lives. Let’s talk about how we can help you develop habits that will reinforce each other and improve both your life and your finances so you can live your best life.

The Importance of Financial Wellness

Robert Rich was recently featured by Suzanne Diprose at Performance Advantage to discuss the importance of financial wellness and to share how financial literacy can help you to gain control of your financial future.

Watch his interview by clicking on the link below:

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Turbo-Charging Your Super – How To Grow Your Superannuation Fund

Starting from the 2019-20 financial year you can direct more into your super and tap into a concessional tax rate

Your superannuation is your main means of funding a comfortable retirement. So, growing your super should be an important focus in investing for your retirement.

The tax benefits you receive when saving via your super make it one of the best ways to boost your savings while building a retirement nest-egg.

A recent study showed many retired Australians would have opted to make extra contributions to their superannuation if they could.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the spare funds needed to make those additional investments in your superannuation.

However, there are times in your working life when you have the flexibility to direct funds into your super. Happily, the new legislation allows you to channel additional contributions into your super that attract the concessional tax rate.

Concessional Contributions

Contributions into your superannuation fund attract special tax treatment. The majority of us will find ourselves paying less tax on our superannuation contributions than we do on our personal income.

These concessional superannuation contributions can be made:

  1. By your employer via salary sacrifice or a superannuation guarantee payment
  2. By you personally via your deductible superannuation contributions.

A cap exists on the maximum amount you may direct into your superannuation at the concessional rate of tax annually. Currently, that cap is $25,000.

Until recent changes in the regulations, your cap reset each year. If you didn’t contribute the entire $25,000 into superannuation that year you forfeited your access to the unused amount. However, you are now allowed to carry forward those unused superannuation contributions for a maximum of five years.

Concessional Contribution Eligibility

The rules governing these catch-up additional superannuation contributions are:

  1. Eligibility for concessional superannuation contributions applies to those with a superannuation balance of under $500,000 as of June 30 in the previous fiscal year
  2. The new carry-forward period of five-years commenced on 1 July 2018 meaning the 2019-2020 financial year is the first year you are allowed to use your untapped superannuation contribution cap to make additional concessional superannuation contributions
  3. A work test rule continues to apply for those aged 65+
  4. The standard notice requirements remain in force for personally deductible contributions
  5. Unused concessional superannuation contributions may now be carried forward for up to five years whatever your total superannuation balance happens to be but expire following that time.

These new provisions may prove especially helpful for people who have gaps in their working careers. This will enable them to catch up with their total potential superannuation contributions. It will also assist people nearing retirement age to optimise their savings towards their retirement while minimising their tax obligations.

Additional Strategies To Turbo-charge Your Super

Other investing strategies for growing your superannuation to fund your retirement include:

  • Making super contributions for a spouse on a lower salary enabling you to qualify for a tax offset
  • Access government co-contributions if your earnings fall below a set income threshold
  • Contribute up to $100,000 towards your superannuation fund as a non-concessional after-tax contribution. For those under age 65, you can bring forward two years of this cap, enabling you to contribute up to $300,000 in a year.

Everyone’s superannuation situation is different. Growing your super can be one of the smartest investment decisions you can make to provide for your retirement. So, wherever possible look to boost your savings. However, the regulations governing superannuation are complex. Check to see how the recent changes affect you and always seek qualified, professional advice.

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