Endorphin Wealth Offers Pro-Bono Assistance For Bushfire-Affected Families

Endorphin Wealth is offering pro-bono financial advisor support to three families who have been significantly impacted by Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis.

Families who have lost homes and loved ones may not be aware of the many financial tactics they can employ to access some much-needed relief in their time of need. With our experience from assisting a number of clients through the Cancer Council Australia pro-bono program, we will offer assistance with budgeting, Centrelink payments, debt management, insurance claims & restructuring income and assets. Endorphin Wealth can help people who don’t understand their options when it comes to managing debt and repayments in this time of dire need, this can really help to lessen their burden at an incredibly difficult time.


Those that wish to apply for the pro-bono assistance can contact us on our website. Whilst our offer will extend to three families, we would seek alternative ways to support additional families looking for help with our professional associations, such as Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP), as well as colleagues from the financial advice industry to assist in this more. Endorphin Wealth gives its heartfelt thoughts to everyone impacted and all the emergency services and volunteers who are doing an incredible job.

Top 3 financial tips for those severely impacted by bushfires:

1.) Focus on your goals, dreams, and aspirations for the future. There will be many challenging times throughout our lives, but with determination and the right support, anything is achievable!

2 .) Take the time to reassess your budget and cash flow to ensure you can maintain your monthly living expenses.

3.) Ensure you regularly review your levels of insurance cover – both personally and on your property.

Speak with the team at Endorphin Wealth for more information, call us on 03 9190 8964, or email us at advice@endorphinwealth.com.au

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