John & Sarah – The Case of ‘Are we there yet?’

John & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought.  Trouble is, they didn’t know where ‘there’ was… It all started late one night when John, a Senior Pilot for a major long-haul airline, flying over the Indian Ocean, suddenly thought to himself “How much longer do I have to do this?” John used to live […]

The Rise of School Fees

Looking into where you want to send your kids to school in the coming years? Got a shock at the costs of private school fees? Sending your child to private school in Melbourne or Sydney is more expensive than Perth or Adelaide. In Sydney, school fees can get over $450,000 for 13 years of education. […]

Rate Hikes – What Does it Mean?

Turning on the news at night may have your head spinning with the different opinions and insight into the rising interest rate environment. Should you fix your home loan? Should you wait to see what happens in the next few months? How will the changes impact your cashflow? There are lots of questions that you […]

Buy / Sell Arrangement – What is it?

Do you have protection in place if your fellow business owners were to become seriously injured or were to pass away? If you answered no to the above, here is a friendly reminder for you to reach out to a Financial Advisor from Endorphin Wealth. Our experienced Advisors can discuss Buy/Sell arrangements with you. What […]

Growing your Wealth with Property

Alexander Rankin from Endorphin Wealth is pleased to share a presentation recently held with one of our trusted referral partners. Alexander Rankin explores the concept of property as an asset class and how to grow your wealth with it. The presentation explores different avenues of how our team of financial advisors in Melbourne at Endorphin […]

Getting Rich Quick – Is it Really Possible?

According to the Collins English Online Dictionary, a get-rich-quick scheme can be defined as, a promise to make a person extremely wealthy over a short period of time, often with little effort and no risk. If you think that sounds a bit dodgy, you could be right. Yet ordinarily sensible and cautious people signup to […]

Endorphin Wealth Welcomes Terry-Lee Riddle

We are excited to welcome Terry – Lee Riddle to the Endorphin Wealth Team as our Head of Operations Terry-Lee has over 25 years of management experience in the financial sector. Over this time, she has worked with several accounting and auditing firms, super funds and investment companies. She has a passion for development and […]

Market Downturns – Staying the Course

Nearly everywhere you turn, you can find someone with a strong opinion about the financial markets. On so many fronts, the news is bad with skyrocketing energy costs and both equity and bond markets down significantly. Tuning down the noise and focusing on what you can control is key to weathering the current financial storm. […]

Market Update June 2022 Webinar

Endorphin Wealth in partnership with Oreana Portfolio Advisory Services are pleased to share a Market Update from 15th June 2022. Hear from Dr Isaac Pool from Oreana Portfolio Advisory Services, to gain insight to current market conditions. Isaac explores many concepts including inflation and the impact on the market. The information contained in the webinar […]

June Market Update Webinar

Endorphin Wealth in partnership with Oreana Portfolio Advisory Services are very excited to invite you to a Market Update on Wednesday 15 June between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.   We will be joined by Dr Isaac Poole to provide a brief summary of the current market and expectations for the near future. The Endorphin Wealth team encourages […]