Upcoming Changes to Superannuation

The Federal Parliament has recently passed the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Superannuation Outcomes for Australians and Helping Australian Businesses Invest) Bill 2021.  From 1 July 2022, there are changes coming to the Australian Superannuation system which may impact you.

To keep on top of the changes, it is a good idea to reach out to a trusted Financial Advisor from Endorphin Wealth. You don’t want to miss out on some of these!

What are the changes?

The Federal Government proposed some changes in the May 2021 Federal Budget. Effective from 1 July 2022, legislation will look to implement the following changes:

  1. Partially removing the work test for those aged 67 to 75.
  2. Extending the non-concessional contributions bring-forward age limit to age 75.
  3. Reducing the downsizer contribution eligibility age.
  4. Increasing the maximum First Home Super Saver Scheme withdrawal amount to $50,000.
  5. Removing the monthly minimum threshold for Superannuation Guarantee (SG) Contributions.

Please note that some of these amendments will also require supporting regulations to become effective. These regulations are yet to be introduced.

Partially removing the work test 

The existing work test or the ‘work test exemption for recent retirees’ will no longer be required  for individuals aged 67 to 75. This is for those who make and or receive salary sacrifice or non-concessional contributions (NCCs).

Some rules still apply for certain individuals surrounding work testing. It is important to reach out to a financial advisor to see if this applies to your situation.

Extending the non-concessional contributions bring-forward age limit

The cut-off age for accessing the NCCs bring-forward rule will be increased from 67 to 75 years. Many individuals aged 67 to 74 years who were not previously able to bring forward NCCs cap amounts, could potentially do so in the coming financial year.

Reducing the eligibility age for downsizer contributions 

Individuals aged 60 or older a can now make downsizer contributions from the start of the next financial year.  Other downsizer contribution rules still apply.

Increasing the maximum First Home Super Saver Scheme withdrawal amount 

The maximum FHSSS withdrawal amount will be increased from the current limit of $30,000 to $50,000. This could be a great booster for first home buyers to get their foot into the property market.

Removing the minimum monthly threshold for SG contributions

There will no longer be a minimum monthly threshold for an eligible employee to qualify for SG contributions. Even where an eligible employee earns less than $450 in a calendar month, there is now an obligation for the employer to make SG contributions.

Need More Information?  

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