Understanding Margin Lending

Margin Lending is a strategy which is adopted by some clients to assist in utilising their appetite for risk to seek better returns. Phillip Richards, Director and Financial Advisor at Endorphin Wealth breaks down the concept of Margin Lending. The video explores how leveraging can assist in boosting performance and returns of a portfolio to help reach client’s goals.

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Phillip Richards 

More About Phillip Richards: 

Ever since I started working in the world of financial planning, I have gained huge satisfaction out of helping my clients to achieve their life goals. 

So many people reach their mid to late career having done very little financial planning. They often avoided doing so simply because they find the process too challenging. When I’m able to help lift the cover and provide professionals and soon-to-be retirees with financial clarity, their sense of direction (and often relief) is hugely rewarding. 

I grew up a country boy and made my first personal investment at the age of 18. I continued to grow my portfolio and purchased my first property when I was 21. 

It was around that time that I moved to Perth to study a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in financial planning and accounting. I subsequently completed a Diploma of Financial Services and joined one of Australia’s major banks. Then, working my way up to a position as a senior financial planner. 

My seven years with the bank gave me invaluable experience across a wide range of areas. This includes tax-effective investment and retirement planning strategies. However, while I learnt a lot about effective financial planning, I also became much clearer about how I thought planning should be done. 

I always felt that planning could be performed in a way that was more transparent and fairer to clients. Especially, when it came to service and fees. 

When I eventually decided to go out on my own and established Endorphin Wealth Management, I was determined that I would provide financial advice in the way I thought it should be done. Importantly, we operate under a non-institutionally owned license. This allows us to provide non-aligned, unbiased advice-driven purely and simply by what’s best for our clients. 

At Endorphin, our basic aim is simple: that our clients’ story comes first. Including, what we do should help them feel good about their financial future. While we obviously focus on financial objectives, we understand that finances aren’t everything. 

We make it a priority to consider the broader picture: ‘life’ goals as well as financial ones. We know that if we can get someone’s finances in good shape, it will be much easier for the rest to fall into place. 

These days, my personal portfolio comprises Australian and international shares as well as multiple properties in Melbourne and Perth. I’ve also recently completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I look forward to providing financial clarity to more and more clients over the coming years.