Invest for your lifestyle and make the most of the wealth you build

Traditional thinking about why to invest can be very restrictive and might be stopping you from getting the most out of your money. Think of how your investment can work for you and allow you to do the things you want, sooner.

Investing in shares and other more conservative options is a great way to build wealth that can support your lifestyle without destroying your cash-flow. An Endorphin Wealth Advisor can identify your goals and give you options that will help you achieve them in the most effective way.

Imagine what you can achieve with good investments:

• Take time out to travel abroad without putting a dent in your wealth. Many young professionals want to travel, volunteer or study abroad to satisfy wanderlust or build their career. The big barrier to this is coming home to no savings and potentially a big debt. A Wealth Advisor can help you plan now, with investments that could cover your salary when you travel in the future.

• Live in the home you have always dreamed of. Whether it is buying your first home or upgrading your existing home, a Wealth Advisor can look at ways to invest to build up a home deposit or to cover the cost of an upgrade without having to take on debt.

• What’s stopping you from starting a business? Is it the financial insecurity of giving up your regular income? Plan with your Wealth Advisor for your transition into self-employment and have peace of mind that you have time to build your business while your investments support you and your family.

• Make a smooth transition to retirement with investments that subsidise your income when you go part-time. As you set up your investments to prepare for retirement, consider factoring in semi-retirement and ease out of the workforce without sacrificing lifestyle. Talk with your Wealth Advisor now about getting the most out of your retirement in the future.

Don’t put off your dreams until it’s too late. Make plans and make time through good investments and give yourself the chance to achieve what you really want without sacrificing lifestyle or financial security.

Make an appointment with Endorphin Wealth Management and find out how you can plan to achieve your goals and feel good about your future.

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