Pre Retirement Planning

Michael Sauer recently held a pre-retirement planning webinar to discuss the importance of financial wellness and how to ensure that you set up a sustainable and effective retirement strategy. Watch his video by clicking on the link below: The team at Endorphin Wealth is here to help you achieve a positive outlook on your financial […]

Longevity & Retirement

There is a perfect storm developing in retirement: Thousands of Baby Boomers are retiring every week in Australia, and The 100-year life will soon become commonplace.   The Long and Short of it Longevity is increasing, and a 65-year-old today is living over 10 years longer than their parents and grandparents did. What this means […]

How to Retire Successfully

The idea of retirement has changed.  Figuring out how much money you need, i.e your number, is simply mechanical, and software can now do that. At Endorphin Wealth, we help retirees get a better Return on Life.   This new approach to retirement planning integrates health, wealth, work, and leisure. Successful Retirement Based on experience with […]

Is your Money being used to improve your life?

Instead of building a big pile of money, a more effective approach that you should consider in your financial plan is using your money to live your best life possible – a concept known as Return on Life™ (ROL).   With the ROL approach, money becomes a tool to help you live the life you […]

Phasing into Retirement?

Not ready for a move into full retirement? You’re not alone.   Many people look forward to retirement however for one reason or another aren’t ready to jump in with both feet.  Maybe they aren’t ready for the sudden lifestyle changes. Maybe it’s lack of savings that’s holding them back. Or it could be that […]

Investment Centered vs. Life-Centered Advice

Take a moment and imagine the following… Picture what your life would be like if you were financially secure… physically fit… enjoying life… living with purpose… intellectually engaged… surrounded with loving relationships… When you have this kind of life, you are filled with energy and enthusiasm and you greet each day with gratefulness and a […]

Focus on Good Habits for your Health and Finances for a Fulfilling Retirement

When we ask clients to describe their ideal retirement, two of the most common responses are: Being Healthy, and Financially Secure In our experience, the successful retirees find ways to align these two goals and throw in a little fun as well.  Here’s why developing good habits can lead to big dividends down the road […]

The Importance of Retiring to Something

Sometimes you are so focused on work and the idea of retiring, that you do not stop to consider what will actually take up your time during your retirement. You will be financially secure, hopefully healthy, and have an abundance of time on your hands – but how to spend it? We’ve collated some ideas […]

Retirement Planning Seminar – Retire Like a Boss!

At Endorphin, we believe the idea of retirement has changed and we need to look at things differently. Instead of just making sure you have enough money to retire and your money is invested properly, we guide our clients in using their money to enrich their lives. Join us as we help you to understand simple […]

Five Keys to a Great Retirement

Retirement can be a bit of a tricky subject sometimes as there are so many psychological elements to consider. How will you fill your days if you’re not working? Will you have enough money? What will be your purpose? These are the types of questions we visit regularly with our clients. So what can you […]