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2020 Federal Budget Analysis

The Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, delivered the 2020 Federal Budget on 6 October 2020. As anticipated, the budget included bringing forward personal income tax cuts to deliver tax relief to low and middle income earners for the 2020-21 income year of up to $2,745 for individuals and up to $5,490 for dual income families. The […]

Endorphin Wealth – 2020 IFA Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to announce that the team at Endorphin have been named as a finalist for the fourth consecutive year in a number of categories for the upcoming 2020 IFA Excellence Awards. Phillip Richards Investment Adviser of the Year (2018, 2019 & 2020) Holistic Adviser of the Year Robert Rich Client Servicing Individual of the […]

Making the most of your business sale proceeds

Most business owners will come to a time where they want or need to sell their business and move on to their next venture. Before committing to selling a business, it is important to talk to your accountant to have a full understanding of the tax implications of the sale.   Recruiting a business planner […]

Neil & Sue – The Case of How Much Money Is Enough?

Neil & Sue worked hard, very hard.   But they played hard too, they enjoyed the lifestyle which they had worked hard to create for themselves and their daughters Rebecca and Lucy…   Neil was 45 and he had a plan.  It was his plan – his own financial plan.   Because Neil hated three things: […]

David & Elaine – The Case of ‘Mr & Mrs Do It Yourself’

David and Elaine were retired and struggling to live off the income from their capital. After allowing for various pension incomes, they felt very dependent on the income from their savings and investments. If interest rates went up they spent more. If interest rates went down they spent less. Over the years they had accumulated various […]

You have received an inheritance, now what?

As a recipient of an inheritance, you are most likely experiencing a loss and some emotional turmoil. It is crucial then, that your first step after receiving an inheritance is… to do nothing.   Rather than rushing out and buying a house or a new car – or indeed, any financial decisions – it is […]

Trevor & Sue – The Case of Too Much Investment Risk

Trevor & Sue had recently sold their share of their business having worked hard building it up for over 30 years…   Aged 60, they had no children whom to pass on their hard earned wealth.  And now, like so many people, Trevor’s primary concern was to try to ensure a high return on his […]

Financial Freedom by 50? Why Not!

Financial freedom and early retirement might seem inconceivable, but it is an achievable goal for many Australians. The key to financial freedom is investing and sticking to a budget. You will consult with a financial planner who will determine the best investment strategies and an achievable savings goal, but reaching that goal depends on your […]

John & Sarah – The Case of ‘Are we there yet?’

John & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought.  Trouble is, they didn’t know where ‘there’ was…   It all started late one night when John, a Senior Pilot for a major long-haul airline, flying over the Indian Ocean, suddenly thought to himself “How much longer do I have to do this?”   John used […]