What’s Your Return on Life?

Are you managing your money in a way that improves your life?

Believe it or not, not everyone does – in fact many people do not. Our Return on Life Index asks you to assess 10 aspects of your life that relate to whether or not you are making progress.  Endorphin Wealth will identify areas where you can use your money more effectively to make things better in your financial planning. And, importantly, celebrate the areas where you’ve made progress.

The ROL index consists of 20 questions that are grouped into three categories: Well-Being, Progress, and Freedom.


Based on your responses, the ROL Index creates a measure of your financial life satisfaction. The results will have a profound effect on how you think about your financial planning and your life.


This profile is a self-reflective exercise that will help you see aspects of your life that are impacted by the financial decisions you make. Our goal is to help you ‘get the best life possible with the money you have.” The results will help us understand where to focus first.


We invite you to click on the link below and take 5 minutes to complete the ROL Index and receive your FREE personalized report. You might be surprised by the results!

We’d also be happy to setup an appointment with you to review all of our tools in greater detail and help you get started on your journey to a greater Return on Life. True Financial Planning where we place your life at the centre of the conversation and not your money.



How to Retire Successfully

The idea of retirement has changed.  Figuring out how much money you need, i.e your number, is simply mechanical, and software can now do that.

At Endorphin Wealth, we help retirees get a better Return on Life.


This new approach to retirement planning integrates health, wealth, work, and leisure.

Successful Retirement

Based on experience with other clients, research and observations, if you want to have a successful retirement, you must:


1.Retire ‘To’ something and not ‘From’ something:

People who are retiring but have no concept on what they are going to do once retired creates a big problem.  There has been a blind spot in the retirement conversation and that blind spot is most advisers have not had a conversation with their retiring clients about “what are they retiring from and what are they retiring to?”


Clients who are “retiring to” something are generally much more successful in retirement than those who are “retiring from” something.  This is something I address in our planning sessions.


2. Explore the Meaning of Work:

It is important to explore the meaning of work in retirement and the lifestyle motivators that working provides.  This exercise usually reveals that people nearing retirement are more motivated by the lifestyle factors that work provides rather than the paycheck, and we want to help ensure those lifestyle motivators can be replaced/continued once you formally leave the workforce.


3. Solve the Couple’s Conundrum:

Retirement often causes a major change in the spousal relationship if the couple is not prepared, and we understand that spouses can have very different ideas about what their retirement is going to look like.

Where couples are retiring and spending a lot more time together, it is important to understand how each member of a couple is wired as they enter the retirement transition. We facilitate conversations to help ensure couples have a much more rewarding and enriching relationship together in retirement.


4. Get a greater Return on Life:

We believe the ultimate goal of money is to get the best life possible with the money you have.  There are certain aspects of life that we believe is important for retirees to be thinking about and to be making conscious decisions about. These are:

Well-Being (Health, Relationships, Leisure).

Progress (Learning, Work /Engagement, Achievement Residence).

Freedom (Autonomy, Security, Purpose).


Making progress in the areas that are important to you helps you live a more satisfying, energising and fulfilling retirement. This exercise has provided the most value to the clients we serve.


How We Help

The role of a retirement adviser is expanding.  Instead of just making sure you have enough money to retire and your money is appropriately invested, we now guide my clients in using their money to enrich their lives. When it comes to retirement, it doesn’t matter what everyone else does. The only retirement goal that matters is YOURS.


To succeed at retirement you need fulfilment, satisfaction, & energy. To reach that point, you absolutely must personalise it.

This concept of retirement planning is based on helping my clients get a better return on their life, not just their investments. True Retirement Planning.


The team at Endorphin Wealth Management is happy to assist with helping you achieve a positive outlook on your retirement.

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